About Hiware

Johan Lodewijk has done business in China since 1988. After years of management experience with multinationals, he decided in 2009 to start Hiware Ltd. together with partner Pika Ji. Pika Ji has over 20 years experience in dealing with Chinese suppliers, factories and the so called red tape when doing business in the far east. Ever since the Dutch company has expanded with a Shanghai based sourcing office, rep office in HK and a sales office in the Netherlands.

Johan started the company to offer a combination of Dutch rational entrepreneurship and a strong cultural understanding of the local Chinese supply chain. This combination has allowed Hiware to become true sourcing specialist! Now in 2020 with a sales and marketing office opened in the Netherlands, this European hub allows hi ware to better serve and support its customers from all over the world.

Hiware initially focused on power tools has worked closely with brands such as Black and Decker, Stanley and Workzone in almost each continent of the world. The company’s policy allows for high quality products with a good price resulting in win-win situations for all parties involved. The technical expertise has resulted in specially patented products such as the “Weed Terminator”, already a big success in the US market.

After a few years of success in multiple continents, Hiware was asked to take up a project for fully customised education tablets in the Netherlands. The acquired specialised knowledge has given Hiware the next opportunity to fulfill the needs of its customers.

Hiware is able to only provide the features that you as a company and thus your customers require! We understand that customisation is critical for your success.

Since 2019 Hiware has gone back to its roots, and become a trusted international sourcing partner for clients all over the world, including setting up a European sales hub to assist in supplying businesses and government entities with personal protection equipment during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic.

Johan Lodewijk

Partner and General Manager

Experience: 17 years with Philips in Domestic Appliances in Sourcing and Quality, 20 years with Asia, 11 years in present article range.

Contact language: Dutch, English, Spanish, German and Chinese.

E-mail address: gm@hiwarehome.com

Pika Ji

Product manager

Experience: 21 years experience in Power, Stationary and Garden tools

Contact language: Chinese and English

E-mail address: qa1@hiwarehome.com