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The New Steam Cleaner by Hiware.

The new and improved Steam Cleaner by Hiware.

Designed with a new ergonomic handle, great new wave brush and water proof light to help you with all you cleaning and gardening works.

With newly improved heating time, the Steam Cleaner by Hiware is ready for action in minutes.

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Cleaning Robot

Afraid of bed bugs, fear no more. Introducing the GINA. A one touch automatic bed and floor robot that get rid of dust mites, disinfects germs and sterilizes viruses.

Most of the current sterilizers are impractical or costly and most simply don’t work. A system that gives you peace of mind and a keeps you safe. Easy to install, light weight, no cables and above all it works. 18 high-speed sensors allow the GINA to track mites and germs, while preventing it from dropping of the service. With 3 different modes, Auto, Manual and bed the GINA disinfects what you want, when you want. Charges via USB 5v Working Voltage. Double layered ABS Plastic body for dual protection.

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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are made with a synthetic rubber. Nitrile is the most common alternative for people with allergies to the proteins found in natural rubber. Regarding resistance to sharp objects, nitrile gloves score even better than natural latex. Gloves made from Nitrile are often referred to by the term “Medical Grade” which means that they are suitable for medical applications. Before gloves can be used for medical applications, they are first subjected to stringent tests for resistance to friction and sharp objects as well as resistance to chemical substances.

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Steam the weed away!

Introducing Hi Steamer Weed Terminator, the ultimate natural weed control with superheated steam over 150°C. Just add water in, steam the weed, and let the superheated steam get down to the root of the problem – wait for 24 to 48 hours for weed to die.

Hi Steamer uses 100% pure water as saturated steam to destroy weeds leaving no residues and doing no harm to soil organisms, man-made surfaces and untargeted plants. It’s super easy to use as a laundry iron and it can also be a Multi-Purpose, Chemical-Free Cleaner!

Order today and we’ll give you the Hi Steamer 9PC Accessory Kit for FREE – including thermostat; cut off fuse; pressure switch for quicker reacting; safety filler cap Accessories: extension tube 2pcs, horn, needle, triple spike, funnel, measuring cup.

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Immunity check.

New from Hiware.

The Sars-CoV-2 immunity check.

A simple, effective and fast urine check for antibodies. Check if you have had covid and see results within 20 minutes.

With 97% accuracy, giving you peace of mind. Enquire today. Email us. GM@hiwarehome.com

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