News update: Covid 19: Personal Protection Equipment

Hiware -PPE: With the rise of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan and its subsequent spread into Southeast Asia it became apparent that the demand for the supplies required in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, would skyrocket. While the western world was still oblivious to the pandemic sweeping through Southeast Asia, it was clear to see that the COVID-19 virus would spread to the rest of the world and with it the increased demand for PPE.

Our initial response (or conclusion?) was that the majority of the western countries were completely unprepared for what was coming. As China is the foremost supplier of PPE’s, particularly PPE masks, we set out to source certified PPE’s with out trusted supplier to meet the skyrocketing demand. As western countries became aware of the dangers facing the COVID-19 virus and the declaration of a global pandemic by the WHO, the governments placed a ban on the export of medical supplies in an attempt to hoard medical supplies for their own use. The export ban

shifted the sourcing of PPE’s towards arbitration and navigating ways to circumvent the governmental block on the export of PPE’s. Hi-ware set out to source PPE’s from several nations in order to meet her clients demands. Numerous items were sourced from Vietnam untill the Vietnamese government placed additional restrictions on the export of medical supplies. Despite the additional restrictions, Hi-ware managed to supply two large shipments to her customers. After having attempted to source PPE’s from several other nations, it became apparent that China would remain the global supplier of PPE’s despite maintaining an export ban. With global transport and shipping coming to an almost complete standstill, Hi-ware continued to successfully source and manage production of PPE’s within China. The focus was on distinguishing and identifying truly certified products which are trusted and accredited, and to weed out all of the so called “corona cowboys”, that are to this day obstructing the flow of these PPE’s to vital professions, hospitals and others industries that need them the most.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hi-ware became a front-runner to supply the Dutch government with these urgently needed PPE’s and are still in working on creating a continuous supply chain from Asia tot Europe, South America and beyond.

With the set up of our European sales office, Hi-ware has successfully supplied clients around the world with facemasks, coveralls gloves and more protective gear. Our customers include the Mexican Government, Holland’s largest cleaning company, several hospitals and the largest retirement home operators of the Benelux.

Our secret to success lies in our longstanding and trusted relationship with the suppliers, forwarders and other supply chain partners that we built over the last 20 years. This long term investment has allowed us to help those in need during this global pandemic. Our motto is “Sourcing Simplified” and we are your go-to partner for the supply of PPE’s and other medical supplies.