News update: Discover our latest invention. The GENUS homecare system.

Genus is an integral care system for the elderly people living alone or in an elderly care home. Genus reduces loneliness by offering easy photo sharing and videocalls on a beautiful digital photo frame whilst offering insights into the day rhythm and home environment. The connect button allows the elderly people to alert friends and family.

Find out more by downloading our genus presentation. Click on the link below.

Genus senior care product profile

Making Genus reach beyond the living room

The Genus Mobile SOS Button extends the reach of the Genus Care photoframe and ensures that you are connected everywhere.The Genus Mobile SOS button works with any mobile network.

Find out more about our MOBILE Sos button below.



Genus consists out of a Smart digital photo frame, the Genus App (on IOS and Android) and the Genus cloud. Genus will alert if there is no expected activity or in case the home environment is needs attention (such in unhealthy air quality or a too low temperature).

Genus was created in the Netherlands over the last 5 years in collaboration with the Louis Bolk Institute, the University of Twente and various elderly care institutions. It is currently deployed in the Netherland and Belgium and Genus is now looking to expand its global distribution.

Genus is interesting for residents living alone and in elderly care. Genu is also being used for the mentally disabled or for people with a physical handicap.

In the Netherlands, as in most countries, the elderly need to live longer on their own. Also one of the biggest issues elderly people face is loneliness. Genus Care, a truly new eHealth solution, offer tools to communicate better,allow for remote monitoring without intruding privacy and bring family and friends closer together.

Beside some possible required language translations the system is ready to go. The Genus Cloud can be operated globally, but a local servers solution can be arranged according to the country requirements.